Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So it is my birthday today and one of my sweet boys brings me a birthday present. It is hiding behind his back and he is so excited that he can hardly stand still! Its cute and then he hands me the jar with this huge spider in it. So of course after we have all calmed down I set it on my counter top and walk off to do the attendance sheet when I turn around "Charlotte" now has a sign on her that says "Do not tap". I laughed out loud and question about the note. A little girl informed me about it saying that people were tapping on her glass and it would hurt her ears and that they needed to stop so she took control. I really laughed because I always tell my children to take control, gain control, or good job on your control. That is a big deal for little people. Anyhoo's I so loved it. This is def. a first and I am pretty sure it may never happen again as a gift!!! I love my job for the sole fact of my children!!!

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